Mystery Order $100

(+$$$? because you’re a charitable person)

A mysterious option for an elusive person like yourself. Order now for a lifetime of gratitude from the Choe Family Fund.

To order, send an email to with the following.

  1. Subject: Mystery Order
  2. A character or person (it is recommended that you provide at least one (1) reference photo)
  3. A color of your choice (you may list more than one color)
  4. A hat description (or provide a reference photo)
  5. The name of a show or movie you like.
  6. An animal.
  7. A food.
  8. Optional: Any additional information
  9. Your mailing address (*required)
  10. Your full name and phone number (*required)
You will receive a surprise package at your door and more surprises throughout the year. How mysterious!